Our Team

Let's Get Acquainted !

  • Habib Hjiaj
    Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board

    15 years of experience in the field of trading and logistics. Mr Hjiaj is also an arbitrator at the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris (CAIP).

  • Majda El OUEDRHIRI
    Executive assistant

    Mrs El Ouedrhiri is in charge of the management planning and of General Services.

  • Ouahid MIALED
    Head of Sales

    Mr Mialed is in charge of sales and customers relationship.

  • Dounia ANARIM
    Chief of trade execution Officer

    Mrs Anarim is in charge of ensuring the smooth execution of import-export operations.

  • Kenza Tazi
    Chief Financial Officer

    Mrs Tazi is responsible for market, counterparty and operational risk, compliance and information system implementation.

  • Zakaria LARHOUTI
    Information System Engineer

    Mr Larhouti is in charge of the study and development of the information system.

  • Hassan Fares
    Operations Manager

    Mr Fares is in charge of operations in the port of Jorf Lasfar.

  • Alexandra Bory
    Sales Administration Manager

    15 years of experience in international trade. Mrs Bory is responsible for sales administration at Yellowrock, Geneva office.

  • Philippe Brelle
    Member of the Board

    30 years of experience as founder, organiser and director of international companies. Mr Brelle supervises the organisation and development of Yellowrock in Geneva.

  • Valentin Arnold
    Administrative Manager

    Trained as a Senior Technician in international commerce and with 6 years of experience, Mr Arnold is in charge of the administration of commercial operations of Yellowrock Geneva.