Holmarcom Group

Our Values

Five values form the building blocks of Holmarcom Group’s corporate culture, as conceived initially by the Group’s founder, the late Abdelkader Bensalah.

Values of Holmarcom Group - Loyalty


As a group, we cultivate trust and loyalty with our employees and partners. This emphasis guarantees the long-term results of our efforts and ensures the success and well-being of all of our stakeholders.


We seek to anticipate change and adapt to transformations in our markets by leveraging our creativity and passion for progress in all of its forms. We seek to generate value to ensure the long-term success of our Group and the development of the Moroccan nation.

Values of Holmarcom Group - Innovation

Values of Holmarcom Group - Commitment


Our subsidiaries consistently focus on engaging efforts and investments that contribute to the personal and professional fulfillment of our employees, the satisfaction of our customers, the development of our Group and the creation of value for our country.


Nous favorisons une considération réciproque basée sur l'écoute, la tolérance et l'humilité, ce qui assure un climat de confiance libérant les potentiels et les talents.

Values of Holmarcom Group - Respect

Values of Holmarcom Group - Solidarity


Sharing, teamwork and support for collective interests are central to the success of our corporate purpose. Our commitment as a corporate citizen to civil society is a critical priority for the Group.

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Corporate Profile

A multi-business industrial group

Holmarcom is uniquely structured as a family-run, multi-industry group and holds a leading position at the forefront of the Moroccan business community. The Group operates in five major sectors and its main subsidiaries are leaders in their respective fields.

Holmarcom has consistently sought to be the leader in the sectors in which it invests. From the outset, the Group has always moved in step with the economic challenges of its time, adapting to change and anticipating future needs. It has deliberately pursued a strategy of diversification, investing in key sectors of the Moroccan economy.

The Group continues to consolidate its leadership by pursuing a policy of investing in the most promising industries which offer solid prospects for long-term growth and profitability. In addition, it focuses on expanding into value-creating sectors of the economy which generate returns both for the enterprise and for the Kingdom of Morocco.