Business segments - Holmarcom Group

Five business segments, industry-leading subsidiaries

Since the outset, Holmarcom has had as its strategic imperative diversification.

It has focused on acquiring and developing a broad array of companies operating in a variety of fields.

A dynamic player in the Moroccan economy, the Group forms a coherent whole which is firmly anchored in five key business segments through the activities of its subsidiaries.

Future belongs to those who know that excellence is never acquired. Mohamed Hassan Bensalah, Chief Executive Officer


Securing the future

From the outset, Holmarcom has always aspired to participate in the development of Morocco’s financial services industry.

In this critical sector of the economy, the Group’s strategy focuses on developing adiversified market presence and on becoming the preeminent player in each of its markets. Thus, it is active in Morocco’s insurance industry through its insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries, Atlanta, Sanad and CPA.

In this fiercely competitive market, Atlanta-Sanad is one of the top-five insurance providers in the country.

In addition, Holmarcom has a large portfolio of shareholdings in leading financial institutions which play an active investment role in Morocco’s economy.

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Agro Industry

A force for progress and modernity

Holmarcom has a long history of developing Morocco’s agricultural potential and has made successive investments in high-value areas of the agri-foods sector.

Thus, the Group’s subsidiaries are domestic market leaders in the mineral water, soft drink and tea markets. Over the years, they have forged well established brand identities which are firmly rooted in Moroccan consumer culture. In addition, Holmarcom manages two agricultural estates using modern production techniques.

  • Les Eaux Minérales d'Oulmès
  • Somathes - Société Marocaine du Thé et du Sucre
  • Les Huiles d'Olives de la Méditerranée

Distribution and Logistics

Bringing progress to the nation

Reflecting its commitment to play a key role in developing Morocco’s economy, HolmarcomGroup is a major player in the import and distribution of household appliances and industrial equipment.

In each of these markets, it has been a forerunner in the application of modern distribution standards, notably through its subsidiary, Le Comptoir Métallurgique Marocain.

As part of the ongoing diversification of its distribution and logistics operations, the Group also operates cereal terminals in the ports of Casablanca and Jorf Lasfar.

  • Le Comptoir Métallurgique Marocain
  • Mass Céréales Al Maghreb
  • Yellowrock - Global Grain Solution
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Air Transport

Promoting Morocco as a tourist destination

Holmarcom Group is committed to playing a key role in developing Morocco’s tourism industry through its involvement in the air transport sector.

The Group launched Morocco’s first private sector air carrier, Régional Air Lines, and created a low cost airline, Air Arabia Maroc.

This latest venture, which was formed as a partnership between Regional Air Lines, Air Arabia and Ithmaar Bank of Bahrain, testifies to Holmarcom’srole as an industry forerunner.

  • Air Arabia

Real Estate

Building wealth through real estate

As a substantial land and property owner, Holmarcom Group invests in major residential and tourism developments. More recently, it has launched Cap Tingis, a beachfront development on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast.

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Other Business Interests

Holmarcom Group is also active in other industry sectors such as import/export, textiles and the media sector.

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  • Olléaris